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Strategy & Execution


Popular opinion suggests that strategy owes it origins from war. Let us for a moment think of a situation that involves preparation. The strategy (and its attendant tactics) is thought of in terms of and in relation to carrying it out to address and overcome a particular situation. In this regard, to win the war - sometimes even before the war is declared. 

What is the possibility that we can have a “good” Strategic Plan and then execute it poorly or not execute it at all? Is it an anomaly to talk about strategy and its execution? Is the idea of “Execution Gap” a misnomer?

 No good plan is worth its salt if it cannot be executed as planned. The mere fact of having a strategy implies execution. With the proviso that practice will always be the ultimate modifier. This means and implies flexibility, agility and adaptability as crucial characteristics of any strategy

What are we talking about here? We are stating that any plan that is thought of, drawn up and compiled is based on the need to address or attend to ever-changing reality.  The task of leadership is not only to adapt to the dynamic world. It is also to anticipate changes and to identify opportunities in each event. This requires appreciation of the thought process to understand that while the plan is being drawn the mind is already contemplating the future and imagining how to deal with or address the situation. Things are in constant motion. There is no time to stop and ponder.

Execution then is resiliently maximising evolving opportunities.


We at Treetops Management & Development Consultants (PTY) LTD, as an Organisation Development Company, are committed to a developing, thriving and prospering South Africa.  We do not expect the State of the Nation Address to deal with long term strategic plans like the National Development Plan (NDP)  . Those are in place already. We would like to hear the President deal with the immediate burning issues and concerns that afflict South Africa now and the immediate resolution thereof. We implore President Zuma to please tell South Africa what his immediate solutions are in dealing with 2016 issues!

Tsietsi L.S Molebatsi


Treetops Management & Development Consultants (Pty) Ltd.