Treetops is committed to help individuals discover themselves, their own strengths and their potential. We actively involve people in their own learning and ensure that newfound skills are transferred to life and the work environment. Our action learning, interactive and the whole person training methodologies make our work exciting and fun. 

Are you maximising your training investment? 

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When you choose a Training Service Provider, you do not only buy into the services, but also a philosophy and a way of doing. The Treetops way of doing is to focus on you – the client- and your unique requirements. We do not believe in generic or ‘off-the-shelve” packages, but in customising our programmes. It is also aligned with the organisation’s strategic intent and therefore prepare individuals and teams for future challenges. Programmes are aligned with NQF standards and SETA Accredited.

We at Treetops also stay abreast of the latest development through our extensive international network; aligning the latest international developments with the wisdom of Mother Africa, thus making South Africa a better place for all. 

Our workshops are experiential, interactive and translate into more effective behaviour in the workplace. We ensure a high level of learner participation by aligning content and exercises to different learning styles as well as ensuring that we cover skill, knowledge and attitudinal aspects of development.


Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

Transformational Leadership

Management Development

Programme (MDP)

Strategic Management Skills

Supervisory Skills

Team Leadership Skills






Personal Mastery: Enhancing your emotional intelligence 

Conflict Management Skills

Stress Management

Personal Coaching

The Neuroscience of Self and Time Management








Building High Performance Teams

Performance Management

Problem Solving & Decision-Making

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Persuasion and Negotiation Skills

Change Mastery Skills

Customer Relations: Training and Frontline Excellence






Costs, duration and number of participant vary depending on the workshop and the needs of the client. Training programmes can also be integrated with our Development Assessment Centres.

We also run a limited number of public programmes per year.

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Please contact us for more information regarding programme information and/or costs.

All our programmes are aligned with NQF and SAQA regulations and accredited with Services SETA (Decision 0244 of 2002).

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