Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching" has been a major focus and thrust in leadership and management development over the last several years. We at Treetops know that coaching is actually nothing new. For example, the old indigenous cultures of the world and Africa, over centuries, have ascribed to the tradition of tapping into the collective wisdom of others - especially the elders of the tribe. Why coaching? Being a manager in today's work environment requires exceptional skills, courage and commitment.

The transformation process in South Africa, especially in terms of Employment Equity also results in the need to fast-track a number of young managers. These managers will be set up for failure if they are not assisted in a constructive way. We at Treetops are committed to fulfill our vision of being the "Leadership Partnership" and are ready to partner your managers into more exciting, meaningful and rewarding futures. Coaching can best be described as a way of interactive learning, based on individual challenges and questions business leaders are faced with. Personal transformation is driven by the client's choices, with assistance from the professional coach.

The relationship is based on mutual trust and respect, and aims to bring about alignment between the individual's aspirations, private life, and the organisation's intent. Objectives and results Our objectives are to facilitate the development of the executive, and resolve problems with impact on the effectiveness of the executive within the organisational context. This is done by facilitating change, and relationship building.


  • Greater self-knowledge and focus
  • Behavioural alignment with personal intentions
  • Change Management skills
  • Enhanced use of emotional intelligence
  • Greater life-work balance

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