Empower Your First-time Managers

Investing in first-time managers provides an organization with the opportunity to embed healthy leadership practices at the foot-hills of the leadership journey. It sets the new leaders up for success and lays the foundation for future growth. It touches employees at lower echelons directly, with potentially positive impact on organisation-wide engagement levels.

A world-class coaching team is on standby to guide them on this character forming journey.

Enrollment for the 2016 program is closing soon.

Anchor Coach: Coen Bester

Coen has been actively involved in the development and coaching of high potential, next generation leaders since 2000. He serves on a number of listed and unlisted boards in a non-executive capacity.He is author of Live&Lead (Porcupine Press, 2012).

Coen’s field of expertise is Strategy Development, Team Coaching and Leadership Development and Change Management.

Practices of Management : Johan Greeff

Johan’s work as Organisation Development (OD) practitioner and facilitator has allowed him to journey with clients on large scale change initiatives like mergers and acquisitions, leading teams through conflicts and challenges into new strategic waters.

As a Clinical Psychologist and academic he has developed a deep understanding and respect for human nature and life.

In 1989 Johan established Treetops Consulting, and OD Consultancy founded on the principles of client partnering, networking and cooperation.

Business Strategist: Alex Glassey

Based in Victoria, BC, Canada, Alex is a former “big five” management consultant turned entrepreneur with four successful startups to his credit. Over the years, he has advised hundreds of small businesses on growth and innovation strategies.

Alex is an adjunct professor in the entrepreneurial program at Royal Roads University in Victoria.

He earned his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Strengths Coach : Dries Lombaard

Dries was trained by the Gallup University in Omaha, Nebraska as a Strengths Performance Coach and in Strengths Based Leadership and is an invited member of the Gallup Strengths Advisory Forum (2013) - the only member outside of the USA.

Dries is personally credited with “bringing StrengthsFinder to South Africa” and establishing one of the strongest Strengths Coach networks locally.

Dries has more than 2000 hours of active Executive Strengths Coaching experience under his belt – which makes him one of the most experienced Strengths Coaches in the world.

Culture Expert: Bob Waisfisz

Bob is from The Hague, the Netherlands. He is an economist who has worked for the UN organization, and for industry. Since 1969 he travels extensively and his work has taken him to over 90 countries.

Bob is the founder of itim international (HQ in Finland) and The Hofstede Centre, now under the banner of itim International.

Based on research conducted by Geert Hofstede he has developed a fully integrated culture toolkit to assist management consultants to help their clients in meeting their objectives in the best possible way.

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