Time for a New Anthem: Accommodation vs. Integration


Human Rights Day gave me the opportunity to reflect on the current State of the Nation and the whole debate on racism. Watching the programmes on how we celebrated the day, I was again struck but not surprised by how ‘non-representative of our Rainbow Nation’ most of the celebrations were.
It left me with 3 questions:
i.             Are we in South Africa a society or community?
  • Society: A large group living together in an organised way
  • Community: Residing together, sharing and having commonalities – being of the same body.

I am not sure that we answer to any of the definitions

ii.           How can we take it to a next level?

  • Here I agree with Peter Block “One conversation at a time, and it starts in our immediate environment, on the street, in the shop, at Church and especially at our place of work. Reach out!”

iii.         My final question, and here I risk taking on the “untouchable”; Is our current National Anthem an effort to accommodate diversity and a reflection of our history?

  • I personally prefer integration to accommodation and believe we need something new.... something that will allow us to focus on ‘the future we all want to live into, something that will integrate us’.

Your thoughts? .....

Maybe this is an opportunity for some poets, writers and musicians.  


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