Personal Mastery

“You cannot become a butterfly if you do not stop being a caterpillar”

My questions:

·         “Why is it so difficult for most of us to make this transition?

·         “Why do we allow ourselves to be stuck in our ‘caterpillar-ness’?

We are even prepared to defend it with all we have even worse; we feed and nurture it. My work in therapy, clarified a few reasons as to the Why?

·         It is our idea of success or greatness

·         Our picture of beauty. We hold up for ourselves ; we compare ourselves with genetic exceptions

·         The means by which we measure ourselves is external. We wait for others to empower and define us. In doing so give people power they do not deserve.

To transform (and it is a struggle), we need to face ourselves in the mirror and review our measurement criteria.  (Is jou maatstok ‘n slaanstok?)

This personal mastery step of discovering your beauty and power within is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever observed. Where people reclaim their authentic self and allow themselves to just be. It allows them to just be. Where they step into their own power.  We at Treetops call this “I’m-powerment”.

And then as one wise person said: “You can become a fine flying flower, like a butterfly, beautifying life”.


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