The Treetops Story

Strongly linked to the heart of Africa... it is named after the famous Treetops Hotel in the Aberdares National Park in Kenya. The original Treetops was built in 1932 as as two-bedroom house in a wild fig tree. By 1952, it had expanded to a four-room construction.


A young English princess spent the night there and left the next morning as Queen (Princess Elizabeth received the news of King George VI's death at Treetops and left for England to take up the reign as queen). Today, it is a luxury 50 room hotel, but still reflects its original African charm. The Chief Game Warden of Treetops moved to South Africa in the 1960's and settled in the Kyalami area. He renamed his property to "Treetops", and the house he constructed served as our offices and training center until we moved to Centurion in 2006. We are proud of our name and its' African roots.

Come and spend time with us - it truly is a place of transformation.


Treetops Management and Development Consultants (Pty.) Ltd. was established in 1988 by Johan Greeff and traded as "Johan Greeff & Associates" until 1994 when it had a name change. Today it is one of South Africa's leading consulting groups in the area of organisation, management and personal development. As Organisation and Human Resource Specialists, we have proven ourselves to experts in our field by our track record and client list.

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