World events towards the end of 2016 took us all by surprise and informed us that in our dynamic world ‘even the past has become unpredictable’. These events tended to upset most people. We at Treetops believe in paradox. To us, the events only created opportunities and we see them as a ‘blank canvas that invites us to create the most extraordinary work of art’. To do this will require resilience, inspiration, creativity, application, sensitivity and respect for the world we live in.

With this as our aim, the Treetops Team spent three wonderful days (9-11 January) to consider ways in which we can apply ourselves to ensure that ‘in 2017 we make the difference that makes the difference’. We decided to turn everything upside down:

1.       Leadership Training

  • We have renamed our Transformational Leadership course to “Transforming Leaders”. Leadership Training means nothing if it does not result in people leaving the programme transformed and set on transforming their sphere of influence. It is about applying newfound skills.

2.       Coaching

  • Our Coaching practice is expanding, adding value to our clients and individual managers. We are proud of our Panel of Coaches and welcome Laura, who recently qualified as a Master Coach, to our team.

3.Training and Development

  • Our focus is definitely not on programmes but on ‘Learning Journeys’. One of our challenges is to make these journeys more accessible. We therefore demonstrated greater flexibility by re-engineering 4 & 5 day inputs into Modular programmes and combining these with value-adding services e.g. our “Empowering Tomorrows Leaders now includes 2 individual coaching sessions as part of the course

4.Action Learning

  • We are known for our ability to actively engage participants in interventions. We’ve succeeded in further enhancing our repertoire of activities and it promises to be even more powerful.

5.Building High-Performance Teams

  • This remains a flagship intervention and we salute all our clients who turned this intervention into remarkable results.

We also started the year off with a big bang – we welcome our three new clients to Treetops:

i.                   Stellenbosch Municipality

ii.                  Revlon

iii.                 Freddy Hirsch

We look forward to partner you and to give giving SUBSTANCE TO THE TERM PARTNER!



We at Treetops are driven by our quest to apply ourselves so as to deeply understand and respect the uniqueness of the reality of each of our client. We then creatively design tailor-made interventions that will initiate real and sustainable value-add and solid results. Our expertise, wisdom and commitment are  your advantage. 

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