Racism: You can do something...

I have been privileged to denote a lot of energy and effort to this topic. In 1985 I designed and presented “Building Bridges Programme” in an effort to create better understanding between the “races” and to meet each other as fellow humans. Discrimination + Racism were “well and alive then… but the reward was immense as we helped people to get to know each other during workshops. Participants discovered the gifts of respect, tolerance and forgiveness in themselves. It saddens me to see that racism is still “alive and living in SA today”.

I honestly believe we are still a “too polarised” society. A large section of communities embrace our fellow citizens but too many (majority?) still stereotype (and discriminate). We see and experience it daily in our “Diversity Management Workshops”. Legislation and making it a serious offense is NOT the answer – Laws are external. People will mostly comply…but it is not changing hearts and minds.

The solution: upgrading SA’s “psychological software”– How? Create and utilising opportunities to meet and share.

We can then build a prosperous country; in doing so we can take hands, look up and aspire to the dream of Madiba – a Rainbow Nation. You have opportunities to do so… at work, in the mall and at home. We see this magic happen in our workshops when people reach out and use the opportunity to talk. We can build this country; one conversation at a time. “Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world… all major changes in history has been brought about by small groups of people”.

Johan Greeff Managing Director

Master HR Practitioner: Organisational Development

Treetops Management & Development Consultants (Pty) Ltd

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